Affischer och utskrifter MRS MIGHETTO

Mrs Mighetto 2-PACK Tiny Toffee/Whalie

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Mrs Mighetto-serien affisch 2-pack för barnrummet.

... Whalie has always felt big and clumsy, a feeling that he never fits in and always takes up too much space. But instead of putting all his energy into that, he has learnt that all living creatures have a special place to fill, you just need to wait for the right opportunity to appear, then you know. Then you feel it in your soul.

... In another part of the sky, Tiny Toffle works in his laboratory. He has researched various bird species for a long time and always tests the newborn baby birds. He usually takes the little ones in his arms, cradles them and gets the samples he needs through a long, warm hug.

2-pack print i storlek 18x24 och tryckt på 200 g Munken Polar Rough matt papper för att bibehålla den fina känslan av originalet i akvarell. Vackert att rama med passepartout.

Limiterad upplaga, när den är slut är den slut för alltid.